Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Balls and Stripes
A Lifetime of Sports Adventures. Balls and Stripes is a collection of stories about Alaska's most popular sport, basketball — and more. The title comes from my many experiences playing, coaching, and broadcasting Naismith's game; as well as refereeing the sport and also wearing the stripes of a sergeant in the U.S. Army.
Time and Tide
Time and Tide Adventures on Alaska’s Copper River Delta is a story about a duck cabin on Alaska’s Copper River Delta and much more! In 1959 the Shellhorns built their place on Pete Dahl Slough, one of many intertidal waterways that braid the 50 mile marshland formed by the Copper. This wetland is a natural breeding habitat for waterfowl, and also a stopping place for migratory birds.
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It is hard to describe the anticipation when opening the pages to a story by Dick Shellhorn.
Jennifer Gibbins, Editor
Cordova Times
Reading this book made me laugh and cry. It brought back so many wonderful memories. Thanks for a great book.
Ken Van Brocklin
Former Owner of the Boxcar
It pains me to compliment a duck hunting buddy, but praise is in order. You have a hell of a book on your hands.
Tim Riley