Tuesday, November 24, 2020

9 November 2018 

Good morning Dick - I just wanted to let you know that I finally finished Balls and Stripes and it truly is another masterpiece!!!  The detail and colorful descriptions were unbelievable!!! I am amazed at your memory and writing skills. And I am sure there was an incredible amount of work to do this thick book!! 

It is an incredible book that I think should sell well!! 

                                                                   Brian Johnson

                                                                   Former Voice of the Valdez


                                                                   Dallas, Texas

"I just finished reading Balls and Stripes, and really liked it. In fact, you are dangerously close to humanizing referees!"

Jim Ujioka, Cordova Wolverine Fan (who now lives in Valdez)
16 August 2018

Have been enjoying your book so much.  The story about the Oregon State squirrels is one of my favorites.

Dixon Sherman, Cordova, Alaska

(retired U.S. Forest Service)


Good book - enjoyed reading.  Did not think that a book about refereeing would be that interesting.  Especially liked the people and history behind the events.  This would be a good book for followers of Alaska Bush Schools basketball.

Steve Leirer
Seward, Alaska

Got the book today.  What a fun read with all the old stories….and all those pictures as well.  Thanks for including me…and all the work putting it together.

Jeff Hawley, Iona, Washington

(longtime Cordova referee)